Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity isn’t optional.

It’s essential.


Effectively understanding and embracing the cultural distinctions and uniqueness of all peoples in order to build team rooted in the belief that Diversity is not an “add-on,” is not work that can happen on accident.

It must be purposeful and intentional, and tackling this challenge well requires a guide. Someone who can speak truth and challenge assumptions to help facilitate growth and allow real diversity and inclusion to flourish.

Our Diversity and Inclusion program helps organizations wrestle through difficult conversations in order to achieve meaningful progress and move forward together.

It is essential for allies to establish cross-cultural relationships and actively seek ways to support and recognize the value of all members of the community.
— From "A Call to Listen, Respond, & Connect"

Our Team Lead


Stephen N. Risdon | Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Nate has served in leadership roles in the non-profit and educational sectors for the past 13 years. 5 years ago, he began pursuing a PhD in Higher Education administration with an emphasis on racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. Nate helps organizations recognize the critical importance of understanding the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender, in relationship to an organization's history and current culture, and how each will have significant impact on the organization's mission and effectiveness. His background in the creative arts coupled with his experience in research and analysis helps him provide organizations with creative solutions based on sound information.

San Jose State University
B.M. 1998

Fuller Theological Seminary
Mdiv, 2007

Azusa Pacific University
PhD in Higher Education, 2019


They are exceptional communicators, useful in pulling information from individuals, and articulating problems and providing sustainable solutions. I continue to refer to their work on a weekly basis.


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