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We help our clients with board challenges, strategic planning needs, capacity constraints, team issues and more. We bring passion and energy to our work with our clients to help drive real change.

Thanks to their work we were able to create new momentum and actually make shifts that helped us breakthrough to change.
— Rob Robertson, Board Chair, Trinity Church

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Having a strategic plan is essential but it's equally important that is useful. You need to set the right goals, but also know how to flex when the landscape around your changes. Our aim is to help you set strategy and direction, create goals, make decisions and take action. 

Culture, TeamWOrk, Diversity

Culture is created with every company value, new hire, memo, retreat, leadership event, performance review, email, and action you take. We help develop practices that create good culture and improve teamwork focusing on trust, communication, and collaboration.

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Capacity Building

Capacity helps an organization grow. Bit capacity building is not simply expansion of resources. Real capacity means scalability and stability. Our efforts help create healthy, strategically focused capacity that facilitates exponential growth without increasing resource needs exponentially. 

Executive coaching

Top athletes routinely rely on coaches to help them get even better at what they already do so well. So should nonprofit leaders and managers working to uphold important missions and visions. We work with nonprofit leaders to provide perspective, support, and professional development.


BoardSPARK PRogram

Many nonprofits struggle with issues like diversifying the board as well as governance, roles, recruiting, and effective functioning. We work with organizations to help move their boards to becoming high-functioning, high-performing, and highly engaged.

MIssion, Vision, Values

A nonprofit's MISSION, VISION, and VALUES are the lifeblood of an organization. We work with newer organizations to help them develop the right language to be their guide, and with mature organizations to ensure their MVV serves them well as they've expanded.


We are a nonprofit consultancy with proven skills, valuable perspective, and decades of experience.

We are expert generalists with skills and experience in dozens of fields. We connect the dots across fragmented and often isolated verticals. We help organizations overcome persistent roadblocks to greater success and better fulfill their mission.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Program assessment and redesign for an NYC non-profit incubator and social justice foundation

  • Full organizational strategy and structure development for a Forbes top 25 largest U.S. Charity

  • Mission, vision, and values development for an international education institution.

  • Board growth and capacity building project for an NYC child education and development organization.

We work as a team and we pick up a shovel to work alongside you. We ask lots of questions. And, we never assume we have the right answer the first time.

Most importantly, we love what we do and have fun doing it.




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Bryan and Kevin are exceptional communicators, useful in both pulling information from individuals throughout the organization, and articulating problems and providing sustainable solutions. I continue to refer to their work on a weekly basis.


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